Habit tracking for your pet

Keep track of your pet’s eating & walking habits and share them with other family members. Available for iOS.

Dookie is dead 😞

I've come to realize that as my dog is all grown up now, i don't have a need for the app anymore. I want to spend my free time with her rather than supporting a platform i no longer use. It was a fun and exiting challenge to work on Dookie and a big thank you to everyone who helped me!

Dookie basic

Why you’ll love Dookie

🐶No more lost messages

With Dookie you’ll send emojis instead of messages. Its fun, fast and saves you the trouble of searching through a plethora of instant messaging apps for those nuggets of information.

🚀Jumpstart your tracking

Getting started with Dookie couldn’t be easier. Dookie doesn’t require any registration or setup, just open the app and add/join a pet and you’re ready to start tracking.

🌟Glanceable and up to date

Have all the information available in one sleek and glanceable view. Dookie only stores activities from the past 24h, so what you see is always fresh.

📬Share your pet with others

Dookie is even better if you have a shared pet, so go ahead and invite other family members to track with you.

Dookie premium

Unlock all of Dookie’s premium features with a single purchase

🐱 🐶Multiple pets

Add more pets and easily switch between them. Great for families with multiple pets.

💝 🎉Custom emojis

Track custom emojis and choose which of them group. Make Dookie fit your needs.

Dookie premium is available as an in-app purchase for 5 € / year

Dookie Premium is an optional yearly subscription that adds support for multiple pets, enables custom emojis and supports future development. For every purchase my dog gets a treat :)